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Bradys Run Lake is getting some Trout is it with in the next week or so. At this time there is about 14 inches of ice on the lake. I have seen a couple nice trout caught already.

Where to go when the weather breaks !!!

March 9th, 2014

The last five months have been shear brutal on the fishing. The weather turned bad very fast and the fishing almost came to a stand still. Since I work right ne to the New Brighton Dam I get to see the changes in the Beaver river everyday. I has seen it frozen solid all the way across in the mornings and then watch the ice break up in the afternoon.
I watched as giant ice flows would break apart, then head down river.… Read the rest

Catch of the Week

Don Hudson. 1st Place. 41inch Flathead
Eye Of the Tiger Tournament

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14 years as an outdoors writer for the Beaver County/Allegheny Times has helped make Tim Reddinger a local expert when it comes to hunting, fishing and trapping in Beaver County.

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